More Women of Aquaculture

Carrie (left) and Hana (right), trying to smile while getting sunburned.

I attended a function with Whole Foods Market and Tsar Nicoulai Caviar on a beautiful summer afternoon in February. Beside eating our California farmed oysters provided by Pacific Seafood and Tsar Nicoulai award winning smoked sturgeon and caviar (and sturgeon pate’, lettuce, and more award winning smoked sturgeon); I had the opportunity to sit down with Carrie Brownstein, Global Seafood Quality Standards Coordinator for Whole Foods Market and Hana Wilms, Farm Operations Coordinator at Tsar Nicoulai Caviar. We spoke on a number of issues around animal welfare associated with fish husbandry and processing and how both organizations align themselves on this front.

Hana discussing sustainability and animal welfare  initiatives on the farm.
I have trade marked this product as “Sierra to the Sea”: California Oysters and California Caviar. Pacific Seafood brought their oysters and we discussed shucking and oyster farming in Northern California.

Commercial Aquaponics and Aquaculture: Growing fish and plants for food. Pretty cool.

Hope you remembered to bring the salad dressing!

We were on the radio again with California Ag Today, and Tim Hammerich.  I am always excited to talk about innovation in California Aquaculture. Today’s discussion was around aquaponic plant production at the Tsar Nicholai sturgeon farm in Wilton California. I keep telling Tim we need to do a monthly podcast. I’m rarely a loss for words plus there are so many amazing stories to tell around California’s Aquaculture Industry.