Nathan Kaufman

My position as the Aquaponic Program Manager is to extend knowledge and demonstrate the utility of hydroponic growing methods using aquaculture effluent as a sustainable nutrient source for specialty and commodity crops.  I have extensive experience as a large-scale commercial aquaponic grower utilizing various farming practices.  My role is to oversee farm activities, plant production and research coordination in our 3000 sq. ft. greenhouse at the vegetable crop greenhouse complex. I am actively engaged in research activities on and off-campus

Visiting and Post Doctoral Scholars

Dr. Victor Fernández Cabanás

Victor joined our lab in July of 2019  to conduct aquaponic research evaluating vertical farming practices for hydroponic production of basil. Download our publication comparing vertical and horizontal flood and drain basil production.






Dr. Razieh Farzad


I am a food scientist with extensive knowledge and experience in the sustainable production of seafood through aquaculture practices. As a postdoctoral scholar at Bodega Marine Laboratory, I’m was developing a non-invasive methodology using ultrasound to evaluate the gonad development in abalone to assist the recovery effort for endangered black abalone species. I am also working on helping seafood producers and farmers in getting up to speed with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) by writing advisory extension documents that assist them with building HACCP plans and developing a prioritized road map to comply with FSMA. You can currently find me in the Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at the University of Florida as the NOAA Sea Grant Extension Specialist in Seafood Safety.

Dr. Sara Boles

I am a postdoctoral researcher mentored by Dr. Jackson Gross at UC Davis’ Bodega Marine Laboratory where I am developing ultrasound as a non-invasive technique to track gonad maturation and reproductive development in endangered black abalone (Haliotis cracherodii). I am also interested in the advancement of sustainable aquaculture production strategies in the face of rapidly changing ocean conditions. I completed my PhD in the Pharmacology and Toxicology Graduate Group at UC Davis under the direction of Dr. Andrew Whitehead. My dissertation research focused on the effect of ocean acidification (OA) on red abalone (H. rufescens) growth, physiology, and reproduction across multiple generations as well as developed adaptive husbandry and larval culture techniques to mitigate the negative effects of OA. To enhance the molecular resources for red abalone, I assisted in the assembly of the first genome for this species in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Severin at Iowa State University. For my master’s thesis work at San Francisco State University, I investigated the physiological effect of wintertime salinity and warming in Olympia oysters (Ostrea lurida) under the supervision of Dr. Anne Todgham.