Another Epic Best Fish Dissection Video….White Sturgeon Fish and Black Caviar

I present you with a close look at the biggest freshwater fish in North America, a adult female White Sturgeon fish. White Sturgeon fish are important for Conservation, Fisheries and as an Aquaculture product. Sturgeon fishing is a very popular past time. Sturgeon fishing on the west coast of the North America  occur in the Sacramento River, Columbia River, and the Fraser River and their tributaries where dams don’t limit their movement. In this fish anatomy video we get a look at most of the internal anatomy such as the heart and the swim bladder in fish.  Of course we get a close look at the fish roe or fish eggs that will become sturgeon caviar. Be sure to watch until the end to get another test question and check out the skeleton of the sturgeon. Sturgeon are not bony fish, but instead cartilagenous fish. The notochord is mind blowing! Leave me your answer to the test question in the comments section of the video. Like share and subscribe. We have oysters and abalone videos on the way!!!!