I am writing to report that my friend and mentor Dr. Fred Conte passed Friday evening February 19, 2021. For more information please follow this link to the California Aquaculture Association.

Dr. Conte’s 44 year program in the Department of Animal Science included extending aquaculture-related information to clientele groups and aquaculture-related research. As a Lecturer in Animal Science, he also participated in classroom instruction.

As a Cooperative Extension Specialist, his primary responsibilities are to develop and conduct programs that benefit my clientele, which include aquaculture producers, State and Federal agencies impacting aquaculture, and the general public. His work addresses both marine and freshwater production aquaculture in California and throughout the US.

In last few years prior to retirement, Dr. Conte’s research focused on shellfish sanitation, modeling and software development; and aquatic animal welfare. Dr. Conte worked very closely with Dr. Abbas Ahmadi in sanitation research who is recently retired from the departmental faculty, in the creation of animal production-related models and software programs. Their research was a collaboration with nationwide Public Health agencies and the marine shellfish industry to develop improved methods of shellfish sanitation analysis of shellfish growing and harvest areas, and within the framework of the National Shellfish Sanitation Program. He also conduct collaborative research with aquaculture producers and manufacturers on issues of aquatic animal welfare, one specific area that of percussion stunning of finfish to achieve humane methods of harvest.

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