All about Jackson

My research is primarily focused on developing solutions for aquaculture production, ecological issues surrounding the control and/or eradication of aquatic nuisance species, and the preservation and conservation of native species and ecosystems. As a broadly trained toxicologist, I am able to draw on the science of many disciplines in achieving solutions. 

As a biologist, my research addresses immediate solutions to biological issues that tend to be political and have economic implications. My research intersects the desires of the private sector, the requirements of regulatory agencies, and the goals of the natural resource community. Over the last decade, the focus of my research has shifted from quantifying the direct effects of environmental pollutants on the reproductive and developmental health of aquatic species, to a more holistic approach to evaluating the effects of environmental stressors on ecosystem health. As my research and extension programs continued to evolve, the focus is directed at serving the aquaculture industry and the conservation and natural resource community through applied projects directed at ecosystem and animal health. as well as the protection of aquatic organisms from anthropogenic stressors (e.g., climate change, contaminants, sound, and water quality).

My research and extension programs are also focussing on our ability to feed the world using aquatic resources. How will we manage our marine and freshwater environments with increasing population pressure and changing climate while protecting our natural resources? How can we further develop other sustainable food production technologies such as recirculating aquaculture systems and aquaponics to solve some of these pressing issues?

My Specific Research Interests:

Recirculating Aquaculture and Wastewater Management for Hydroponic / Aquaponic / Mariponic Production Systems

Development of Sustainable Aquaculture Species and Production Systems for California

Reproductive Biology of Marine and Freshwater Aquatic Species

Aquatic Animal Welfare and Food Security

Interested in Hydroponic and Aquaponic Hemp research?  Check out the new UC Davis Cannabis and Hemp Research Center. We are actively pursuing more research in this space.

I am currently a faculty advisor and trainer in:

Animal Biology Graduate Group

Coastal and Marine Sciences Institute  and the  “Sustainable Oceans: From Policy to Science to Decisions” NSF training program 

Graduate Group in Ecology

International Agricultural and Development Graduate Group

Biological Systems Engineering

Department of Animal Science