UC Davis Aquaculture is back to school

Hard to believe we have completed the first week of the Fall quarter. Summer was busy but amazing. In July we were so busy with our 2021 Sustainable Aquaculture Cosmos short course. It was definitely a race to get started and just as we were in our groove, 4 weeks passed and it was time to say goodbye. We had a great course with 24 students throughout California who braved the online zoom content. While I think it was a success it is hard to build relationships online the same as in person. That being said I met so many amazing young people and look forward to see where they go next.

We also had  3 new graduate students join us this summer. you can read more about them and their experiences in the student pages. We also started 4 new projects this summer, was entrenched in the conservation of endangered black abalone, and focussed on telling more stories of California Aquaculture on YouTube.

I personally have struggled, as so many have with the passing of Dr. Fred Conte. I am hopeful that I can build upon his legacy. With so many exciting things planned for this year, I promise to blog more often and share the excitement around UC Davis Aquaculture Extension.