Freshwater finfish aquaculture is a significant sector of the aquaculture industry in California. While fish farming is well recognized for providing fish for human consumption, it has also contributed to the restoration and conservation of depleted stocks. California aquaculture farms a wide variety of freshwater fishes. The bulk of our current research is with salmon, steelhead trout and white sturgeon, but our lab has expertise in tilapia, catfish, and a number of other farmed fish. Our aquaculture extension lab is currently funded by the USDA Western Regional Aquaculture Center in collaboration with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the USDA ARS Fish Nutrition Laboratory at the Bozeman Fish Technology Center in Montana and the Hagerman Fish Technology Center in Idaho to conduct a grow-out diet study in white sturgeon. White sturgeon are North America’s largest freshwater finfish and are farmed exclusively in Idaho and California for their meat and caviar. To learn more about white sturgeon you’ll want to watch this video!!!