Moving into New Aquaculture Space at BML

I am pretty excited to be moving into a new lab space out at the UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory. We are launching a new project using non-invasive techniques to evaluate reproductive development in abalone. A number of abalone and abalone scientist already call the BML home.  Over 30,000 White Abalone can be found in the conservation hatchery and our scientists are working to save our endangered White Abalone (White Abalone Recovery Program video).  A few sustainably grown abalone farms still exist in California (Cultured Abalone, Monterey Abalone Company, American Abalone Farm and The Abalone Farm Inc.). Continued relationships between production farms and conservation programs are paving the way to save our native abalone.

We are refurbishing and converting the old halibut culture space into a new aquaculture lab capable of multiple temperatures, with flow through or recirculating aquaculture systems. It’s going to be AWESOME!!!!!