Looking forward to 2021 !!!!

It’s time to look forward to the approaching New Year. While we are wrestling with Covid across the US and abroad, UC Davis continues to make great strides in testing and understanding the science of the pathogen.  We are evaluating the future of our food sectors and assessing how we will continue to provide high-quality fish and shellfish products. I expect great changes in California’s aquaculture industry. I am optimistic as I have seen so much movement in our industry as we adapt and evolve. I expect us to emerge stronger and better on the other side of this hardship. UC Davis Aquaculture Extension is also evolving and has added another dimension to share the places, the people, and the food that makes California aquaculture sooooooo unique. We have launched a YouTube channel. and have some exciting videos in store for you all. So like, share, and subscribe to stay up to date with our activities.

I  wish you and your family prosperity and health in 2021!!!

Click here to watch our Introductory Video to Aquaculture Extension.