In the market for 50 foot, fiberglass, aquaculture fish tanks?

50 foot, California-made, DT Fiberglass Recirculating Aquaculture Tanks Aquaculture Tanks

There are many facets to the aquaculture industry. Contrary to many beliefs, the aquaculture industry is not just about feeding fish. For aquaculture to thrive, various sectors are needed to support future growth. That being said, the number of companies that have the expertise to build tanks has dwindled. One of those companies, DT Fiberglass Inc. can be found in Sacramento less than 30 minutes from UC Davis!

Nathan and I had the opportunity to visit the factory last week and discuss tank fabrication and learn how DT Fiberglass serves aquaculture and other agricultural industries in California and across the United States. We had discussions with the owner, Donny Stommel, how his family company has evolved and are employing modern cleaner methodology that is both safer for the environment and his employees.

Getting a crash course in fiberglass tank fabrication.
Stacks of tank panels.