Costa Rica Aquaculture and Aquaponics

Taking a picture of Rebeca taking a picture of our plantain platter.


Rebeca and I just returned from a busy week visiting her country of Costa Rica. Our trip was centered around attending the World Aquaculture Society LACQUA conference and presenting our UC Davis approach to aquaponics.  We also lectured and hung out with Biological Engineering students at the University of Costa Rica. Before returning to UC Davis we met with community leaders from the Southeastern Caribbean to discuss food insecurities in the region.  Rebeca did her best to keep me out of trouble.

LACQUA19 San Jose Costa Rica


Seminars at the University of Costa Rica. Rebeca presented her dissertation research and I spoke about bioengineering approaches to invasive species management.
Rebeca translating (replacing the need for me!) during discussions of food security with community leaders. Freshwater aquaculture and aquaponic farming were also covered.