Commercial Aquaculture Stewardship Guidelines and Best Management Practices

We are excited to announce that we have started a collaborative project with members of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), Antimicrobial Use and Stewardship (AUS) program. The project will review the published literature on the use of antimicrobial products in aquaculture with an emphasis on species relevant to Californian aquaculture. With the assistance of an expert workgroup which will include our producers, we will a conduct a survey of antimicrobial product usage in the production and processing of California aquaculture products.


Using the information compiled from the literature review and the feedback from the industry we will then develop a set of recommendations specific to each aquaculture sector. These recommendations will directly benefit the seafood industry since they are intended to act as a comprehensive resource for aquaculture producers to guide decision-making regarding best management practices for antimicrobial use in California for seafood safety. Products will include quick-reference documents with visual aids and subsequent publications. We look forward to interacting with the aquaculture sector and will be posting progress updates over the next few months!

For producers and other stakeholders interested in participating in the work group, please email UC Davis Aquaculture Cooperative Extension at or Jackson Gross at