Abalone Mariculture at the Bodega Marine Lab

We are up to our ears in Stacks of Abalone!!!! Just so much mariculture activity at the Bodega Marine Lab these days. We are gearing up for a Red abalone spawning day, Dr. Sara Boles and I participated in a White Abalone spawning event, and….. did you hear about the mudslides in Big Sur the heart of Black Abalone country!?!?!?!?!? Devastating!! Dr. Boles and I have been in discussions about how we can assist in the conservation of these beautiful animals with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, UC Santa Cruz, and the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration at the Southwest Fisheries Science Center! In this video, Dr. Boles demonstrates how to attach individual identifiers to each abalone in our lab. You definitely want to sit back and watch them scurry around the table. Make sure you watch until the end or you will miss out. If you enjoy our videos be sure to click the thumbs up button, leave us a message, and subscribe to our channel!